user manual

  • This manual will help you configure the Touchscreen Display supplied with some STOVEitaly models: connect it to the stove and program the APP.

  • Follow the instructions step by step, download the pdf to always have it with you and to be able to consult it at any time.

  • Pay attention, some operations must be done with the stove connected, others with the stove off.

  • Use only the Touchscreen Dispalymai as a stove remote control and not as a common tablet.

  • You can connect your mobile phone to the stove and use it as a remote control.
    You can do it simply through the QR code generated by the Touchscreen Display APP, or, if your stove is not supplied with one, directly from your mobile phone.
    In this case, follow the same procedure but remember, before starting, to disconnect the mobile phone from the data network.